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    BeatDJ Ramon raised on music Dj'd parties and clubs left LA to go on tour with a multitude of artists ..Beginning with Michel'le and Dr Dre worked as a technician thru the studio sessions of the NWA albums and then the Dr Dre Chronic albums ..Toured the planet with the likes of Luther Vandross and Prince , En Vouge , Korn , Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston , Mary J Blige , Tony Braxton , Jodeci , Earth Wind and Fire , Eminem , Barbara Streisand and More a Sound Designer and Programmer and Technician and Studio Technician as well as Production Manager.... Came to learn the ways of the walk thru it all Kept the music close and kept it alive.. Over distance he's kept a close tight knit production team.. with the common goals in mind ...
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    Gary Williams


    Gary Williams .. The Heavy Hand .. Chopping down buildings with the edge of his hand .. Gary has toured the world many times over .. The sky on fire with his resiliant groove and drive.. Living in the US as well as Europe Gary shines thru almost all of the Boomsonic Tracks and is a key partner in the Boomsonic Sound .. The experience that drips from his bass explodes into life thru his speaker cabinets filling the tracks air and everybeing around with an innate sense of awareness and power...
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    Villain City


    The duo that is Villain City does a mash up of multiple genres, a mix of electronica, grunge guitar, melodic vocals, heavy bass, and ethnic instruments, with darker, and dirtier beats thrown into the mix. They just call it Brain Fat. "We make feast-able music. The tracks are meaty. You have to dig in, stab your fork and serrated knife into it just to get it on the plate, " says Korean K.U., who sings, writes, and plays violin for Villain City. If it’s K.U.’s vocals that give each track emotional melodies, then it's Ramon's production that creates that dirty dark phat sound—in other words, the meat. Ramon is Los Angeles native BeatDJ Ramon, the beat mastermind and producer of the duo who plays everything from kalimba to sitar on their first full-length CD entitled "The Envy of the Angels"
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    Angustura -- The Poet ..The Sayer ..StoryTeller .. Bringing the words to reality . Invoking the core of ourselves to look listen and groove.. Using Bilingual ..Binary and Broad Strokes Angusture will awaken and stir even more the urge to listen to the restless spirit that dwells in all of us....
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    Ingred's Pet Peeve


    Ingred's Pet Peve. This is an album of mad proportions consisting of a collage of Original Boomsonic Members, Jlitt, Gary Williams, Beat Dj Ramon, Sergio Ontiveros, Jeff Haba and Miles. Cutting teeth on Wax, the colliding style and grooves dig deep.